While you shop at your local grocery store, and you call the plumber down the street when your sink springs a leak, are you really better off with local support for your Microsoft Access database? The short answer is: not necessarily! When evaluating the best resource to help with your MS Access needs, proximity doesn't tell the whole story.

Years ago, the only reliable way to get help with your database projects was to call a local expert. He or she would schedule an appointment, show up a day or two later, and sit at your office until your issue was resolved. That arrangement worked great - unless, of course, your local expert happened to be out sick or was bogged down with other projects, it was after-hours, or the weather simply made it too tough for him/her to trudge out to you. Fast forward to today, and high-speed Internet has changed everything! Rather than having to worry about delays or coordinating schedules, nationwide companies like Access Consultant can provide even better service than your local developer, by remotely and securely connecting to your systems anywhere in the country. By avoiding the time and hassles associated with onsite visits, costs for support can be reduced significantly, and turnaround times can be expedited. Further, by using the latest encryption technology to establish remote connections, remote help actually can be safer than letting your local tech loose directly on your computer!

Remote assistance doesn't mean having to sacrifice personal attention, either. At Access Consultant, for example, a dedicated Project Manager works with you throughout your engagement and makes sure your comfort level is every bit as high as having a warm body sitting there in person. Additionally, by having assembled a team of the top MS Access developers and designers in the U.S., Access Consultant can deliver a much broader range of services than your local shop ever could - ranging from traditional Access databases, to SQL Server implementations, to web and QODBC integrations. You benefit from a one-stop shop approach, rather than having to rely upon the limited expertise of a single technician.

So, if you're in need of help with an existing MS Access database, or are looking to have a new DB developed, you no longer have to limit yourself to the experts down the street - in fact, at Access Consultant, you'll receive faster and more reliable service, at a lower cost, without any compromise in quality!